BS HandiniTeacher’s Difficulties in Teaching Japanese Writing System (Sakubun)
K NahdiPendidikan dan Modernisasi Peradaban
K NahdiValues of National Construction in the History of Nahdlatul Wathan
K Nahdi, M FahrurroziKonstruksi Kebangsaan Dalam Sejarah Nahdlatul Wathan
K Nahdi, SR DjalilahGENDER DAN MUSLIMAT NW: Model Arus Utama dan Dinamika Sosial Kapital
L Wati, Z FikniImproving EFL Learners’ Speaking Ability through Storytelling Using Puppets
M AsrobiThe Use of Inquiry-Based Learning Strategy in Teaching Writing Skill for the Eighth Grade Students Junior High School
M HusnuDemonstration Technique to Improve Vocabulary and Grammar Element in Teaching Speaking at EFL Learners.
MJ MarzukiAn Analysis of the Teaching Methodology Used for the Teaching of English in an Indonesian Senior High School
MohzanaThe Application of Cooperative and Politeness Principles in Learning Indonesian Language through Scientific Approach
RP Zulfa, L Wati, S MaysurohAn Analysis on the Lecturers’ Mispronunciation of Common Words Used at the English Language Program
UsuluddinIncreasing Students’ Vocabulary Mastery by Using Visualisation, Context and Repetition (VCR) Method
Z Yasni, H WathoniConsensus on an ideal leadership style in relation to school effectiveness