Faculty Activities

Teaching Activities

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*) The numbers in the brackets show the students’ enrollment year.





Community Service

  1. 2016. General English to teachers of MA Mu’allimat NW Pancor. It was the second of January 2016, just the second day of the year, the head of DELE, Moedjito, Ph.D. was invited to MA Mu’allimat NW Pancor to motivate the teachers of the madrasah to use English in their daily-school activities. The principal of the madrasah has shown his interest in creating an atmosphere of English as the second foreign language at the madrasah. So, the teachers, staff, and students must speak in English all the time they are at the madrasah. At that moment, Moedjito just gave a hook to the participants, and it is the individual who makes a dream into a real.
  2. 2016. Teaching EFL to the twelfth graders of SMA/SMA in Lombok Timur.
  3. 2017. Teaching EFL to the twelfth graders of SMA/SMA in Lombok Tengah.