A Message from the Head


The website of Study Program of English Language Language Education (SPELE) with the URL http://www.bahasainggris.hamzanwadi.ac.id was constructed from March 1st 2013 and was inaugurated on May 6th 2013. This website is regularly updated  as the development of the program study and Hamzanwadi University.

This website has been showing our identity as a “Learning Study Program” and the slogan Be the First to Be the Best. This implies that SPELE is expected to be filled with new ideas, new works, and new achievements.

This website was built to share information about SPELE to all the people who need the latest and up-to-date information about SPELE, particularly the development of teaching faculty, students, alumni, stakeholder as well as our activities.

Selong, 2 February 2017